ablative separation : that man is WITHOUT THE SENSE of a wart hog.

ablative prepositions : ab, de, cum, ex, in.

ablative attendant circumstances : WITH ENOUGH MONEY, I fear nothing.

ablative agent : he was killed BY ARCHERS.

ablative comparison : a hero is stronger THAN FEAR.

ablative description : the man WITH THE golden ARM.

ablative place from which : he came OUT OF THE FOREST.

ablative agent : he was captured BY SOLDIERS of Count Robert.

ablative specification : he is superior to him only IN STRENGTH.

ablative description : odysseus was a man OF MANY DEVICES.

ablative absolute : THE KING HAVING DIED=When the king was dead.

ablative place from : the bishop came FROM THE CHURCH to meet him.

ablative cause : the prisoner was almost dead FROM HUNGER.

ablative degr. of diff. : the soldiers arrived A FEW HOURS too late.

ablative separation : the poor were deprived OF CHARITY.

ablative time within which : the soldiers with come IN A FEW HOURS.