Dictionnaires hors ligne

    • The project aims to create a feature-rich dictionary lookup program. The latest release is 1.0.1. You are welcome to look around, download the program, provide feedback, and join the cause.
    • Babiloo is a free open source software developed to read offline dictionaries. * Runs on most of the platforms, Windows, Linux, MacOS, Nokia S60 (>1.9). * Supports dictionaries in SDictionary, and StarDict formats. * HTML displaying for the supported dic
    • Everest Dictionary is a free dictionary. There are 37 dictionary databases available at this moment. Everest Dictionary was downloaded more than 2.000.000 times and the number of downloads grows every day. A télécharger localement, en entier.
    • Une fois le logiciel installé, vous devez télécharger les packs de langues afin de tirer pleinement partie du soft. A vous de choisir les langues dont vous avez besoin.